vikikibouki's Journal

I'm married, to a very hentai husband, have four grown-up chidren, and three grand-kids, at least for now. We love movies, and doing lots of romantic stuff together; like taking walks, checking out restaurants, walking when it's snowing, going out for ice-cream sundaes, sharing a banana split together, that sort of thing.

Some say we are boring, but we're still together after 28 years.

I love reading and writing, especially stories about Inuyasha. Those A U's are utterly fantastic.

I'm really a nul and void when it comes to this internet thing and I'm having a hard time trying to write anything on my computer, then trying to post it where I want it to go, but I'm learning. Hopefully, eventually, I'll be able to get the hang of this and be able to do the same stuff that everyone else is doing.

And I've posted a few stories on two sites sites. Namely (mostly) Eternal Destiny and AFF (which I haven't had the time to finish).

Feel free to check them out.

Have fun everyone! JA NE!
i love hot sex, with my hubby!