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My computer has been hacked. I cannot even get into my hotmail. So if any of you that are on my friends list start getting strange e-mails, it's not from me. My husband got an e-mail in Spanish, for darn sake. I'll try to fix everything tomorrow. I have to call the cable company, then fix everything with my computer. They're asking me for my home phone number so that I can get a 'secret code' that will permit me to change everything around.

What a bitch!!!!

That's the reason that I haven't been around lately. That, plus the fact that I work the night shift 4 nights a week, too. It's a bit hard trying to get my system to withstand being up and working those nights, and sleeping during the day, then turning around and working at home and sleeping during the night the remaining 3 days.

So, like I said. If anyone gets something from victoria gibeault that seems strange to you, believe me, I didn't send it.




Well, I finally got my hot-mail account back. Feels good to be able to read all off my stuff again. I missed you guys!

So please let me know if anyone gets any spam with my name on it, okay? I wanna know.


Looking for Rin-Ne

Does anyone know where I can find Rin-ne?

The place where I try to go just tells me about the characters, but not the story itself. And since I'm on my "lunch break" at work, I'm not using my computer and this one is giving me a headache.



Hello everyone. I know that I've been MIA for quite a while now, but that's because my computer broke down. There were so many damned trojan horses and virus's that nothing worked anymore.

My husband decided to learn how to use the computer, and went onto a few sites that he shouldn't have.

I hope that everyone is well.

I need a small favor. I'm looking for a story that I started to read, but can't find anymore. It's an Inu/Kag one. They're competitors in a Teppanyaki contest, being top Teppanyaki chefs, and Kagome has her knives stolen, and her room trashed. That's as far as I got. I forgot to list it in my favorites and now I can't find it anywhere.

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks, and have a nice day!



I don't believe my freakin' LUCK!!!!!!

My mother was late as always, although I told her last week and reminded her yet again yesterday that we would have to leave at the very latest at 2pm this afternoon if we wanted to see the taping for 'Glutton For Punishment'.

So what does she do? Didn't get her butt in gear until five to two, decide then 'n' there that she needs a shower, and we never left until 3:16pm. I was so tissed off. This damned part of the province never gets any celebreties and I was so dang looking forward to seeing Bob do his stuff. We got there just as there was only ten minutes left of him breaking the one thousand some odd eggs to try to set a new world record.


Over one thousand two hundred. At least that's what I heard, anyways.

But the best part?

I GOT TO MEET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


******does a dance in front of the computer******

WOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOT!!!!!!! WOOOOT!!!!!!!

We talked for about four minutes. I found out that he really is originally from Montreal, and that he still has family there. He doesn't have a snobby bone in his body. He's very down to earth, and is really a 'country' kind of guy.

DAMN! How lucky can a person get, meeting one of their favorite T.V. Chefs in person?!

The camera even taped me yelling my head off in encouragement. Who knows? Maybe I will see myself on that program when it's aired?

Hubby calls me crazy and laughs good naturedly at me, but I had one hellova damned good time!!!!!

*****sings to herself....I got to meet Bob Blumer.....I got to meet Bob Blumer******

This totally rocks and made my week !!!!!!!!!

Have as good a day as I am, Sweeties!!!!!

Hey, everyone!

I'm sorry that I haven't been around these past several months. Lots of things have been happening, and real life just took over so absolutely overwhelmingly, that I never got to touch my computer much before today.

I want to say a very heartfelt 'THANK YOU' for all of those birthday wishes. I loved each and every one of them.

And I'm sorry for all of the ones that I missed, so.....

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU (you know who you guys are)!!!!!!!!!!

I want to congratulate Sue for becoming a granny, too.

Speaking of which, my grandson came into this world kicking and screaming on May 13th at 12:30 pm. A healthy 8lb 8 oz baby boy! Mommy was very, very tired. The labor was NOT easy. She suffered for almost a week, and on the day that Jeecy was born, she went in and out of the hospital twice that morning (very early...from 2-4 am, then back at 8.). She was stuck at three centimeters and nothing could be done because he wasn't due until the 17th. She finally went into full blown labor at 9am, and everything went fine from there. She slept for most of the day, only waking up to breast-feed. So now we have 4 grandkids.

I really do feel old all of a sudden (lol).

Serge had to come and go through 2 hospitals before a good treatment was found, and I'm very happy to say that he's feeling so damned much better. Maybe a bit too much, at times, if you ask me. He's becoming his old cantankerous self.

I can live with that!!!!

As for today, it's Québec's National Holiday (like the 4th of July or Canada Day), so I'm going off in a little while towards Granby to see 'The Giant Omelette Festival'. This year, we're having a celebrity there that's going to try to set a new world record. And he happens to be one of my favorite chefs on 'The Food Channel'. Bob Blumer from 'Glutton For Punishment'. I just love that show. He's gonna try to break 1000 eggs in 1 hour with 1 hand. Now this I gotta see!!!

It's supposed to be taped for his series with the new episodes for this fall. Who knows, I just might see us on that program. I know that I'm gonna be making an awful lotta noise to encourage the guy, that's for sure!!!

I also have a new part time job. It's only on the week-ends, but it's almost a 12 hour shift each day. I'm a short-order cook at our local flea market, which happens to be the largest out-door flea market in all of Canada (or so I've been told by the owners, at least). It's awfully hot in the kitchen, but I'm allowed to bring my fan in and place it right in front of my work station, so it's not too bad, really, and I just love cooking, so whatever. And besides, I get the whole week off free to do as I please!!!!


If I can't stand the heat, I'll just have to get out of the kitchen and change jobs (lol)!!!

The boss-lady wants to talk with me about some changes that she'd like to make and wants my opinion on the menu. There are a few things that could be changed to improve it, so I'm looking forward to Sturday morning to talk about it. Only thing is, I gotta get up at 4am so that I can be there for 6am because that's when my shift starts. The people that have their tables, trucks, and everything else come in for breakfast for seven, and everything's gotta be ready by then (coffee, bacon, ham, etc).


I will luv you and leave all of you with this little diddy that I read in our paper not too long ago (I gotta go and get dressed and get ready to roll outta here):

Husband asks his wife of five years:

"How on earth could God have made you so utterly beautiful but so utterly stupid all at the same time? It's absolutely beyond me"

To which his wife retorts:

"It's easy. Let me explain it to you. God made me to be as beautiful as I am so that I could marry you. The only problem is he made me stupid enough to keep you!!!"


Have a nice day!!!!!

Joke of the day

First, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I know it was yesterday, but better late than never. I just didn't get the chance to sit down at my computer like I wanted to.

This is the joke from Saturday's newspaper:

Over heard from two golf buddies while waiting for their turn.

-Last night I was at home with my wife and two boys and we got to talking. I told them, and I quote:

"I would never want to be seen in a vegetative state, hooked onto a machine, with fluids in a bottle nearby me. If by any chance that does happen to me, please pull out the plug and take away that bottle."

-So what happened? Did your boys say or do anything?

-They looked straight at each other, got up without saying a word, turned the T.V. off and pulled out the plug, then grabbed my beer and threw it out the window.

-Oh My God! What did your wife say?

-I have no idea. She was still rolling on the carpet floor in a fit of laughter when I went to bed.



Something that I read in the newspaper yesterday. It's quite funny and could easily happen to anyone. Anyone in a hospital, that is. This happened in France.

Phone Call:

-Hello, is this the receptionist? I would like to speak with someone about a patiant that you have. I would like to know the status of his health and to find out if he is getting better or if the situation has gotten worse.

-What is the patiant's name, please.

-His name is François Amaro in room 302.

-One moment please, I'll transfer your call to the nurse's station on his floor.

After a very long wait:

-Hello, this is Jeanne. I'm the nurse that you wished to speak to, How may I help you?

-I would like to know about the state of health for a patiant that you have. His name is François Amaro, room 302.

- One moment, please. I'll try to find the doctor that's been assigned to him. Please hold.

After another very long waiting period on the phone:

-Yes, this is Dr. Luc Beauregard. How may I help you?

-Hello, Doctor. I would like to know the state of health for François Amaro who has been hospitalised for the past three weeks in room 302, please.

-One moment, please. I shall consult his medical charts. Please hold.

After another interminably long waiting period:

-Hummmm.....I see it now. He has eaten very well today, there were no leftovers; his blood pressure and his heart rate are stable; he has no allergic reaction to his medication and they seem to be working just fine; and if everything keeps up on this pace, we should be able to take him off of the heart monitor in about 48 hours from now. If all goes as well as this he should come out from the hospital in about five days from now.

-Ohh, fantastic! That's wonderful news! I'm ecstatic! Thank you!

-With the way that you're acting, may I ask...are a member of his family?

-Oh my God, no! You see...I AM François Amaro and I AM calling you from room 302. Everyone keeps coming and going out of my room, but no one will tell me anything. I just wanted to have someone tell me what the HELL was going on with my health. thank you Doctor.

Sheesh!!!! Go figure!


Hello everyone.

I know that I haven't made any comments in quite a while and I'm really sorry about it, but things have just been happening so quickly that I just haven't hade the time. Real life sucks!

I've been trying to catch up with all of you, and I'm finally up to mid-February's entries. Yeah, that's just how far behind I am. Some people even un-friended me because they haven't heard from me for so very long. So sorry about that, guys. Don't know what I did to make you mad, but forgive me.


Serge can't work anymore and won't be able to for quite a while. My husband's in the hospital. We don't know exactly what he has, but he's been sick for a very long time. He had to quit the job that he loved, and so did I because I had to take care of him. He's a recovering alcoholic, and has been pretty much on the wagon for years, but every once in a while will have a few beers, then jump back on the wagon again. But the doctors think that his liver is badly bruised. His biliruben is way too high for normal accounts.

As I'm writing this, I've got a bad case of the shakes. I really don't like where this is going. The doctors are doing all kinds of tests and everything, and it's scary as hell.

Everyone's behind me, though. Funny how a serious illness can make stupid people smarten up.


On a lighter note, my third child, the mother of my twin grandaughters, is expecting again. Never got the chanct to tell yous guys, but now I am. She's expecting our first grandson for the middle of May. Let's hope that nothing bad happens to Jeecy.

No you read right. That's the way that he's going to be named. Seems that her MIL picked it out for her when she came back from one of her over-sea travels. Personally, I still have trouble getting used to it 'cause I just find it really strange for a baby boy.

But that's just me, I guess.


I gotta go, my friends. Please keep Serge and myself in your prayers. Heaven knows that we need them.

Love you all!



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone didn't over-do themselves too much. May this year bring joy and happiness and health to everyone!!!! May all of you be blessed and protected from harm.

Love you!